About Us

ExpertAntivirus began in 1997 as a small distribution company applications and other technology assets in Ireland. We continue to offer discounted applications, software licensing and services related to offline and online software along with exceptional customer support – and skiing is not bad, too 🙂

Our customers are our # 1 priority, so we set up one group of Customer Service Clients who know exactly how to help our customers with everything they need. Our customer service team participants have extensive experience and are licensed by major brands such as Microsoft, Symantec and VMware.

We realize the doubts of shopping. In addition, we understand how we would like to receive treatment, and that is exactly what our business is based on – realizing to our clients exactly what we would like additional companies to do for us.

With constant five-star ratings across the boardwe at VirusComputer believe in providing our customers everything they deserve: certainty and relaxation with your purchase, exceptional rates, real goods, fast shipping along with a 30-day warranty return policy . And in case you have problems, there are real people here to help.